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Covid Safety Requirements – Parish Council Meetings

  • Councillors & residents will be seated 2 metres apart and room will be set up to facilitate this
  • NHS QR code on entrance door – all attendees asked to please scan to log in as you arrive if you have Covid app. If not you will be required to sign in
  • Hand sanitiser will be available
  • Masks must be worn until seated, when they may be removed.
  • If people are uncomfortable removing masks, mask visors (to replace mask when speaking) will be available so any discussions can be heard
  • Anyone moving from their seat must put mask back on
  • Meeting to be kept as short as possible so all Councillors to ensure papers are read and any queries highlighted to clerk in advance so decisions can be made swiftly & effectively
  • Every individual to be mindful of social distancing norms and take responsibility for adhering to them