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Ironville Grit Bins

Grit is available to ensure the pavements are safe to walk on. Grit is not available for residents own premises.  

The Parish Council will refill bins it owns but many grit bins in the village belong to Amber Valley Borough Council or Derbyshire County Council.

Please check the list below and contact the relevant Council if you see a bin needs refilling.

Amber Valley Borough Council Grit Bins                  

Ring 01773 841335 to request refill                    

Cheviot Avenue


Elizabeth Park x 2

Jessop Avenue

Monument Lane (top corner)

New Road (check not the one on DCC list)

Parkside Drive

Post Office

Station Road x 2

Victoria Crescent


Derbyshire County Council Grit Bins

Report Online (have number of grit bin): Do it now (derbyshire.gov.uk)        

Monument Lane (GB1546)

New Road (GB1543)

Nottingham Lane (GB1846)

The Forge (GB1662)

For all other grit bins not on the list please report to clerk@ironvilleparishcouncil.co.uk


Or tell the Village Warden (John) if you see him