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Support for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable to the Covid Virus

Please see information below received from Amber Valley Borough Council and if you need support please contact AVBC on the number provided. Alternatively if you could pass on details of contact number to any residents needing support
Note from AVBC:
Central Government has stood up the support to our residents who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable to the Covid Virus (previously known as the Shielded List). They have written to everyone on the list with more detail about the offer and with further advice.
Derbyshire County Council are responsible for the co-ordination of the local offer and are working closely with district/boroughs and community and voluntary sector. To this end they have re-established the Community Response Unit (CRU).
DCC have also written to CEV residents in Derbyshire with simple instructions on how to access food, prescriptions or just friendly social contact calls for those isolated. The main contact number for the CRU is 01629 535091.
A County meeting of the CRU was held yesterday and the urgent calls for support has been minimal and communities are again mobilising to support their own vulnerable, so there does appear to be strong resilience. However, there will always be people who fall between the gaps and I would ask for your vigilance in trying to identify them.
No decision has been made regarding how long the CRU will remain operational if the lock down is suspended as planned in early December but planning is taking place for the holiday season fast approaching.
Kirk W Monk| Assistant Director (Wellbeing)
Amber Valley Borough Council
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